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Download Code Vein Nude Mod. Modification replaces originals models of characters for those naked versions. Appreciate a decent assortment pleasant tits in Code Vein because of this nude mod. Replaces female outfits #1-#5. Included high heels.

Include the naked version of:

  • Male Main Character
  • Female Main Character
  • Mia
  • Cruz Silva
  • Karen Amamiya
  • Eva Roux
  • Io

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About Code Vein

code vein is an action RPG from band Dynamic heavily inspired by from software’s dark souls here. Which band dynamical published the game is set in the dystopian version of earth where a red miasma, encloses humans, and the vampire, like refinance in a geographical area, along with the lost former revenants who were frenzied from lack of human blood.

This causes constant tensions between those that seek to subjugate the now endangered human race as a food source and the government body that wants to provide protection to humans in exchange for blood donations, we’re silent protagonist shows up with the ability to stimulate the growth of blood beats, a plant that can satiate the Revenant thirst.

You soon ally with a noble group of revenants who are researching the source of the blood beads in order to fix the declining food supply. The convoluted story is an Omar to animate tropes in the same way that the gameplay pays tribute to soul games. The narrative is generally well-paced. The characters have awesome designs and the unique objectives hurt or help each other in ways that feel logical and nuanced.

The troubled history of the world is slowly revealed in a satisfying way that simultaneously fills out character backstories. Numerous plot threads lead to compelling revelations and gradually illustrate why your character is so important. You possess a broken blood coat, which is normally a class that would inform your strengths, weaknesses, and skills in combat.

This allows you to copy the blood codes of other remnants picking specific gifts to make your own. You can start with the fighter blood coat and use any of the passive or active skills it grants. And when you obtain the ranger, blood coat you’ll have access to any of the fighter gifts you’ve mastered.

The flashier attacks granted from the skills use up iCore or ability point. You can refill with attacks, items, or dramatic drain attacks that have long charge ups, but deal massive damage successful. No worries. We also counted with drain attacks and can be lifesaving. The game provides a huge amount of class customization with both friends and foes granting you multiple blood coats.

The speed of fights could take some getting used to if you’re more familiar with the deliberate style of souls combat. Enemies will take through nearly anything to finish their attack animations unless you focus skills on staggering them, the lighting effects, the frantic sword swinging from your character can make it hard to read enemy movements, and they’ll quickly sneak in big hits.

If you fail to learn your patterns, enemy types are tied to specific areas but are often reusing later ones with little or no change to their palette. The environments also overused the same architecture and scenery though. They make good use of a labyrinthine level design that loops you back to familiar places.

The cathedral’s sacred blood is a standout. Requiring several hours of play to seek out every hidden item and locked door. It’s also a clear reference to Anna Rolando from dark souls. The game stages are not all connected in one large world. So you’ll need to work between them as you progress. Bosses were a bit of a mixed bag grinding to increase your health and damage seems to be the only strategy for beating some of them.

I still found combat to be really fun and the variety of weapon types encouraged a lot of experimentation. You’re able to invite companions along for exploration who will help you fight in spam in the ability that they’ll also verbally call out items in the area and remind you whether or not you’ve gone down a certain path, which is a huge help in navigation.

A companion can wipe out entire Dungeons for you. Andy big chunks out of BOS health bars. If you let them though, you can choose to leave them back at home base for a more challenging experience code vein combines dark souls with the anime genre to great effect. Fans of either. We’ll find something to like we’re fans of both.



  1. Download file
  2. Unpack zip file
  3. Run installer
  4. Wait for sec
  5. Enjoy good Tits :]






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