Before you started commenting about why 15 is a dumpster fire of a game or that the game isn’t anything special. Hear me out first. I will say this video may or may not change your mind about giving the game another chance or just trying it out, period, but I’m going to do my best to pass on the emotion I felt while playing final fantasy 15.

So here’s hoping now those who know me know that I actually got funneled vanity 15 day one of its release. Honestly, wasn’t too pleased with it. The game had a very mediocre frame rate on the original PS4 while seeming as if it was trying to pull off the whole fully open world vibe. When in actuality, it’s only.

Semi-open world with very few MPCs that are outside of a city that I really didn’t care for. Nocturia, the character whatsoever. He felt like such a whiny little kid. It just pissed me off. I hated that so much because Ray chase is a monster of a voice actor. His work always leaves me. Aw. He truly is a voice acting genius, but I still just couldn’t get behind the game itself.

The damage was done. I was ready to move on to other games and whenever 15 was brought up, my harsh opinions came with it in videos and in live streams. But little did I know what was to become a final case in 15, two years later, now, fast forward two years and from a business 15 has been patched very well.

Running close to 60 consistently on PS four pro and has a PC version of that many theaters. We would never even get in a super amazing mod to add even more charm to the game, such as having the kingdom key from kingdom, the master soar from Zelda and the manana from Xenoblade Chronicles. And that’s not all square release DLC for the game that collectively make up the Royal edition.

Brothers in Arms

The game. Now I’ve actually tried to get back into final plans. 15 two more times during the two years I spent away from it, but honestly, I still just couldn’t stick with it, but it wasn’t until one day I got really sick. Sick a few months back and I was on my PS4 and I accidentally opened up 15. I just said, screw it and played a bit of it.

That was when I was blown away by how well the game was updated. The original PS4 didn’t sound like a jet engine while running the game. And the game played very well at 30 FPS, but it wasn’t until I got my PS four pro that I truly saw final fantasy 15 for what it was a cinematic phenomenon. Running close to 60 FPS consistently, even in high action sequences was breathtaking, but this isn’t just it.

The game may be fun gameplay wise now, but the biggest draw to a J RPG is a good story, which I didn’t feel 15 had it first. Now I’m a patient guy. I have a lot of respect. For a game, setting up its situation and characters before really diving into the meat of it. The game before going on an adventure, I want to have a solid purpose motivation behind it.

And emotions held high. I know this may sound weird, but hear me out the beginning of final fantasy, 15 closely resembles that of the beginning of kingdom hearts too. Hey, hold on. Hold on. Don’t dislike the video just yet. Hear me out kina merged two is what I chose to compare fifteens beginning to, because of the beginning of both games, you start off as a character.

You don’t know, surrounded by other characters that are apparently your friends, that you also don’t know, but the game plays out in a way acting like, you know, these people at first, it feels like you’re running around with friends, doing random stuff that don’t have any significance, but then things start to get a little weird.

The player begins to have that creepy unsettling feeling about some people with DC. That’s when everything hits the fan and the lives of the protagonist changed forever. Then afterwards, it feels like you’re playing a totally different game going around from place to place, collect the pieces of your bigger objectives.

The Open Road

I don’t want to spoil this game. I really don’t because going into this after two years and somehow not having gotten spoiled on anything, it was such an emotional ride. Not knowing what happens next. Placing yourself in the shoes of Noctis when he gets stronger. You do too. And I love that, that feeling now really quick.

I wanted to take a step back to bring up the point of the game where most people who didn’t complete the game, you know, the same spot I stopped that they stopped that where you got to go around, collecting the swords, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I know how you feel because I felt that too.

It’s such a short moment of the game and yes, I agree. It isn’t the best part of the game, but neither is the Bronx is segmented keen to merge too. But to drop a game over such a small. Fragment of the bigger picture truly is Saturday there’s reasons for everything. These cases do keep playing really given a chance with the additional cut scenes story.

Boss fights flushes out the story with so much more needed details and insight into the minds of significant characters. In the story it gets it’s much better games by square. Tend to follow. Themes in this game is no different, especially by having a few of them without spoiling something terrible happens to knock us and cruise home.

And now they must go on a long journey to gather the strength needed, that being actual power allies resources, and more to March back into the kingdom and do what must be done. I felt that we don’t get many stories in J RPGs about revenge very often, and revenge being shown in that positive light in this game.

It really just made 15 teen feels so much more refreshing, alongside knocked. As we had his friends. Ignorance who acts as the conscious of the group Gladio. Who’s more like the princess shield ready to place his life on the line at any moment for him. And Prompto the comic relief who at first can seem a bit annoying, but will grow to be like a little brother to you from traveling with one another.

All the Small Things

Having each other’s backs. It’s truly magical in a J RPG. I’ve never felt a strong sense of brotherhood. Like I did with this game. Being surrounded by others who die for me makes me want to do the same for them. Final fantasy 15 teaches you the harsh lesson. That life is not fair. No matter how much we want it to be.

Regardless. If someone deserves what they’ve gotten or not life isn’t fair in the game, you’re constantly feeling that it can’t get much worse than it is now. Even when the game starts setting up, the, you seem to have the upper hand in this war. It seems the enemy was two steps, had results, sometimes require sacrifices.

And because of those sacrifices, some people, some places, and some things will never be the same again, no matter how much we wish it all was just a bad dream. Quantum fantasy 15 is a fantastic game despite its flaws like any game has, and it’s a late arrival to being what people wanted it to be playing final fantasy 15 in 2020 is so worth it play the game.



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