Samurai Shodown Iroha Nude Mod

This nude mod makes Iroha completely stripped in Samurai Shodown, replacing his default outfit with an NSFW adjustment. There are no destructions and no blood for the correct work of the fix. Models made using one of a kind assets structure the game. Body shapes reliant on the initial ones, with some minor customizations.

samurai shodown iroha nude mod


Iroha (いろは, Iroha) is a character from the Samurai Shodown arrangement. She is one of the primary heroes and one of the new characters from Samurai Shodown VI, and is the first non-standard character to have her sanctioned presentation in Samurai Shodown (2019).

She is a well-known character in Japan and stars in her own portable game called Maid by Iroha. Another game based around her was planned for discharge on the Nintendo DS, however, was dropped. She has additionally been added to a program of usable characters in the Queen’s Blade arrangement, which is an expansion of the dream game arrangement, Lost Worlds. She likewise has a few unique puppets, hard cast, and something else, made in her picture.

She is a crane who changes herself into a Japanese house cleaner. She serves her lord and seems to consider him the most significant part of her life. Her lord is obscure, yet is probably going to be simply the player him/as she regularly withdraws from to the player when her battles. Makers have affirmed this in a meeting, including that she is explicitly conversing with the male players. This makes her and Wan-Fu the main characters with cooperations past the fourth dividerSamurai Shodown Iroha Nude Mod


  1. Extract „”
  2. Place „NudeMod.pak” i „NudeMod.sig file” into SamuraiShodown \ SamuraiShodown \ Content \ Paks ~ mods
  3. Run the game as admin
  4. Enjoy




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