Samurai Shodown Kazuki Kazama Nude Mod

This nude mod makes Kazuki Kazama absolutely naked in Samurai Shodown, supplanting his default outfit with a nsfw adaptation. There is no eviscerations and no blood for right work of the fix. Models made utilizing unique resources structure the game. Body shapes dependent on the first ones, with some minor customizations.Samurai Shodown Kazuki Kazama Nude Mod

Kazuki Kazama

When Sogetsu and Kazuki were newborn children, they were found underneath a scaffold. It’s obscure in the event that they are genuinely identified with each other however they became ninja of the Kazama tribe. In Samurai Shodown V, he is requested to execute a ground-breaking fire-evil spirit named Enja. He looks for the evil presence and in the long run experiences him. Enja, in any case, is excessively ground-breaking an adversary for Kazuki at the same time, his more youthful sister, Hazuki spares his and Sogetsu’s life via fixing the evil presences in every sibling’s particular weapons.

In the 2019 reboot, the 3 Kazama kin are entrusted to examine and kill the unpropitious occasions. Kazuki needs to manage the danger without anyone else to keep it from raising and to spare his kin the difficulty, and does so effectively.

In Samurai Shodown IV, after he discovers that Hazuki was hijacked by Amakusa, Kazuki chooses to abandon the group to protect her, basically turning into a nukenin, a maverick ninja.[2] His family doesn’t endure tricksters and rebellion and they send his sibling Sogetsu to kill him and dispose of Amakusa too. The two meeting at Amakusa’s mansion. There, Kazuki massacres Amakusa and spares his sister. Sogetsu, then again, remains behind to battle Zankuro. After faking his demise to his tribe, Kazuki and Hazuki keep on fleeing together and carry on with a cheerful life. Sogetsu then again stows away Kazuki and Hazuki’s presence by impacting the family’s developments with the goal that they don’t experience the two, and looking into the faction’s authority.

The 64 arrangement has him seek after Yuga to initially vindicate the demise of his encourage father. Eventually, he additionally needs to safeguard a hostage Hazuki. To pick up the force important to spare his sister, he foolishly takes advantage of intensity of the soul fixed in his blade and is overpowered. He prevailing with regards to sparing Hazuki just as smothering Enja. From that point on, he decides to live a quiet presence with Hazuki.

In Sen, he was living calmly with Hazuki in a town. At the point when he discovers her injured, she begs him to help a young lady who was removed. He forgets about to convey his sister’s solicitation. Kazuki comes back from detachment and transparently helped Sogetsu take out his eventual executioners and stand up to Genshinsai for requesting his and Hazuki’s demise. Sogetsu orders his sibling to return and remain with Hazuki after the trial, in the wake of seeing Genshinsai end it all.


  1. Extract “Samurai_Shodown_Kazuki_Kazama_Nude_Mod.7z”
  2. place “NudeKazukiKazama.pak” and “NudeKazukiKazama.sig file”
  3. into SamuraiShodown\SamuraiShodown\Content\Paks~mods
  4. Run the game




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